Friday, July 5, 2013

Graduation to Dressmaking and 4th of July Part 2

From previously from Graduation to Dressmaking and 4th of July Part 1, I mention I went through a patriotic phase. Well lately I made a curtain of the American Flag lol. I never made a patriotic curtain, but sure can bring a room to stand out. See....

After making these curtains, my sister and I made homemade lemon cupcakes with lemon and tropical punch kool-aid frosting. Plus we dye the cupcakes too, guess what color?? Red and blue-ish green!! :D

Here is the inside...

(It looks like a dinosaur sitting down to me.)  

Finally the fireworks was the best part! :D Playing and seeing them with my family and friends. I took some pics of the fireworks.....

And that is my beginning of my be continued

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