Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hello Easter! Hello Pattern! Past Project! :3


I made these cute baby/newborn cowboy or fedora hats couple years ago with 2 strands (Orange & Green) and 1 strand of yarn (Pink &White). The 2 strand of acrylic looks great! I will make this a pattern for you guys. It will be nice as a gift or baby shower this year. I am going find the hat and create the pattern in the next post. Stay tune and happy Easter! : D

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Natural Synthetic Dreads And A Early Spring!

Spring is almost here! The temperatures going up and the trees are budding so soon... Daylight light hours are longer and slower days! :0 New spring projects coming soon ( including vibrant buttons and cool yarn). Check out our most recent natural looking synthetic locs with our special guest.. 

"Amazing quality, looks so natural!" - Erika 

 Thank you very much for everything. You have a great spring! Enjoy your awesome dreadlocks. \(^-^)/

More past and recent creations coming soon in March. See you later! ; )

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