Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Mountain's Hat Contest: LoL Space Hat


Yes! I have finally made my hat design for My Mountain's Contest.  I like to call it "LoL Space Hat". There are two kinds of faces happening in this hat. I knitted the hat, added a big pompom, a crocheted brim and added 3 large orange buttons. I love crochet and knitting. They are a great combination together! While making this hat, I was watching Doctor Who and the doctor sure is funny. lol Lately, I am starting to be addicted to buttons. lol  I believe this is one of my great hats I made so far. I am falling in love with this one. <3

Thank you My Mountain.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Graduation to Dressmaking and 4th of July Part 2

From previously from Graduation to Dressmaking and 4th of July Part 1, I mention I went through a patriotic phase. Well lately I made a curtain of the American Flag lol. I never made a patriotic curtain, but sure can bring a room to stand out. See....

After making these curtains, my sister and I made homemade lemon cupcakes with lemon and tropical punch kool-aid frosting. Plus we dye the cupcakes too, guess what color?? Red and blue-ish green!! :D

Here is the inside...

(It looks like a dinosaur sitting down to me.)  

Finally the fireworks was the best part! :D Playing and seeing them with my family and friends. I took some pics of the fireworks.....

And that is my beginning of my summer....to be continued

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Graduation to Dressmaking and 4th of July Part 1

 Yes! I finally made it through the stress and sweat of high school. My graduation day is my time to shine out of the darkness and open my new chapter of my life. I literally scream when finally got my diploma and  absolutely happy to be out of that hell hole lol. I feel just relieve after that :) So these past weeks I was just relaxing, crocheting, knitting, sewing and baking etc. Couple months ago I made a crocheted bodice out Peaches & Creme's blue and white yarn...

I wanted to make a nice summer dress for wonderful day, but I stop because I had so many ideas and didn't know what type of yarn will fit best with especially when you don't have enough of that particular yarn. So I decided to use white cotton crochet thread by tripling it to make almost the same thickness of the worsted weight, Peaches and Creme. I have so much cotton thread, I need to start using it. I work hdc the skirt part and hdc and sc in the bodice. It took me about 1 or 2 weeks for the skirt because of longer breaks between. I finally finish it and made a sun hat to match it! Thank you Joanna for your wonderful photography skills. :)

My next post will come very soon called Graduation to Dressmaking and 4th of July Part 2. I just went through a 4th of July phase and I didn't want this post to be too long lol.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scarp Yarn Chain Scarf

I made another chain scarf this time I use scrap yarn and I didn't double the yarn again lol :D It is so colorful!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Finally....I Post Something in April

    Well it been a while I posted something.... I had lost my knitted cowl at school couple days ago :( …. I always wanted to try bobwilson123’s scarf pattern weeks ago and I finally made it. It came out very nice :D PS..I didn’t double the yarn and I did about 24 rows for a short scarf. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Free HDC Hat Pattern

My 3rd pattern I just made and I am happy. There are more patterns coming soon...enjoy the pattern PS..add a pom pom to it and turn it inside to get the look I have in my green hat :D

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years 2013

My last project of 2012 was making this bag for my sister. I kind of miss 2012 :( I know it is so last year, but me going back to school this week I will be writing January 3,2012 on my school work a lot. lol I think I am really going to do that. Now going back to the bag it was a mohawk hat before I turn into this. I had a choice leave as a hat or turn into a bag. They both look good to me and then I ask my sister about and she said try making a bag out of it. So I took her advice and it came out so nice. 

Happy New Everyone!!!


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