Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two hats and two big smiles

Two hats and two big smiles. Lets make it three big smiles because I am smiling too. :D Alright, I made these two gray awesome hats for my psychology teacher and his son. Do they look great in these hats! This is my first time ever have someone taking picture in my creations (besides me and my family) including two of them in one picture. lol  I am thinking of planning to make a pattern for these two awesome hats soon ...and called it "Father Like Son Hats." lol 

PS.   Thank you Mr. Holland and Koyla for the wonderful pics. Also, thank you for supporting me reaching  for my dream and you welcome for the hats.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue, Black and Green Earflap

I made this hat to match my cool awesome tie dyed jacket. This is my first time make a knitted earflap hat within 3years of knitting. Making this hat was interesting and fun because its was color changing and dividing stitches for the earflaps. :D

My Pink Knitted Twist

Here is the pink knitted hat I was talking about in my previous posts "My Hats From The Knitting Fever" and "My Hats From The Knitting Fever Part 2". I love this ruffle like twisted stitch I did to this hat on a pair size 10 needles. Me wearing this on a cool day with a pair of pink boots its wonderful. lol :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Craft , handmade blog: Recycling ideas: Skirt tutoriral

These awesome skirts that look like it came just off the rack at a store. I had made a purple pencil skirt out of a T-shirt before and it look so amazing. This is one great sewing project. I should give a try again and probably you really want to do it too.  Craft , handmade blog: Recycling ideas: Skirt tutoriral: Recycling fashion for women:  

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Mohawk I Must Have Been Created!

From my post "I just have to make this Mohawk hat!" I have made it! I use some ribbon for the mohawk. Since Easter is around the corner it make a great Easter bonnet just for fun and something out of the usually. You will receive some compliments wearing this rock-in hat on a outing. 



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