Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Hats From The Knitting Fever Part 2

I never had a chance to show my 2 other hats from my knitting fever check below:

This was the last hat since my post 

                     "My Hats From The Knitting Fever"


This hat is before the last and I try a new pattern for it and it was big. I use a #7 needle for the ribbing and #8 for the rest of the body of the hat. Also, cast on about 84?? probably stitches. The pattern was on called "NY State of Mind". I didn't follow the color sequence. I just went my own direction of colorwork and see the pattern was great. I think the pattern was good but, next time I will try a different yarn with a more better gauge or take off a few stitches. :) It is a GREAT SLOUCH HAT AFTER ALL!!! LOL

              Its another hat I forgot. The pink hat I mention from "My Hats From The Knitting Fever", a picture of that will be coming soon....

Can You Hear the Sea Through My Sea Shell Necklaces?


Today from my previous post I mention I going make some jewelry.  I made them!  Two sea shell necklaces it look some beautiful including the small shells cluster togetheron the left and the one on the right. These are crocheted necklaces that didn't took too much time. A bead, a pendant, some string, a drill (use on the right), scissors, a blunt needle and a crochet hook can can take you beyond limits. :D

I just have to make this Mohawk hat!

 I just found a project to do during this break making jewelry and a another Mohawk hat , but this time it will be some aspiration from this Mohawk hat from this blog: Seeing this hat I got to have it. lol :D

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break! Oh Yeah!

Today is the first day of spring break for me. :D 2 weeks out of school its so awesome. I have been waiting for this since I got off winter break. lol Since I have a lot of time on my hands to sew, knit ,crochet or paint etc.. Now I need find a big project ; I really want to do in the past 3 months since my last break, but it was so difficult to try to get started. I was planning to make a hooded crochet vest (I always want to crochet when I first seen the pattern). Also, I will be on my blog more often. ; ) I will enjoy every second of my SPRING BREAK!!!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Hats From The Knitting Fever

My last post was about having a knit fever, if you are crocheter or a knitter it probably happen to to you before. Including other hobbies out there. Through this knitting fever which I have for the past two week is still going on. I'm still making more hats! Below this post you will see what I have made...

Scrap yarn hat

I have made two more hats. One is pink and the other one is navy blue and light blue. Right now I am working on a other knit hat will been coming out soon. :D

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Knitting Hats Fever

During this past week I have been knitting hats like mad, I just can't stop knitting. This is my first time going through a knitting phase, but in crochet I went through a lot phases. Making two hats per day its great! I think this knitting fever will last for weeks.

Check the hats from this:My Hats From The Knitting Fever

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