Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Hats From The Knitting Fever Part 2

I never had a chance to show my 2 other hats from my knitting fever check below:

This was the last hat since my post 

                     "My Hats From The Knitting Fever"


This hat is before the last and I try a new pattern for it and it was big. I use a #7 needle for the ribbing and #8 for the rest of the body of the hat. Also, cast on about 84?? probably stitches. The pattern was on called "NY State of Mind". I didn't follow the color sequence. I just went my own direction of colorwork and see the pattern was great. I think the pattern was good but, next time I will try a different yarn with a more better gauge or take off a few stitches. :) It is a GREAT SLOUCH HAT AFTER ALL!!! LOL

              Its another hat I forgot. The pink hat I mention from "My Hats From The Knitting Fever", a picture of that will be coming soon....

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